Monday, January 10, 2011

Three years ago, I was 200lbs, boarderline diabetic and my blood pressure was 155/110. I was killing myself with bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle and I was only 25. I wasn't always overweight but as I got older bad habits caught up with me and over the span of 5 years I went from a size 10 to a size 16. I hated myself at 200lbs! Three events happened to intervene in my life and make me wake up and decide to change.

The first event was going shopping for a dress to wear to a friends wedding... I must have gone into every store and tried on every dress and nothing fit! I remember being in one particular store and trying to fit into a size 14 (I refused to go into a "plus size" store- denial is an amazing thing) and I tore the dress. Seriously. I tore it. I broke down in tears, quickly changed into my clothes and ran out of the store mortified! The second event happened a couple months later... I went to the doctor with blinding headaches and found out that I had high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. This was a pretty big red flag. At this point I started working out, but that wasn't enough, not yet. The final event was stepping on the scale at the gym and seeing the number 200 for the first time. I always swore that I would never be 200lbs. I used to (half) jokingly ask my boyfriend if he would still love me if I was 200lbs, thinking I would never get that big. Well, here I was. That was a hard day. That was my breaking point where I decided that I had had enough!

I had been working out for a few months but nothing was changing... I hadn't changed my eating habits! This is where I learnt first had that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. I didn't know how to eat right, and I wasn't going to follow a fad diet, so I went to LA Weight Loss. It wasn't enough for me to become a client (and to be honest, at that time I couldn't afford it), I needed to submerge myself in the lifestyle, to be held accountable everyday- so I applied for a job and I got it. It changed my life! I learnt how to follow a healthy and balanced diet and my boyfriend (now fiance) did it with me and within the first 6 months, we had lost 35-40 lbs each. It was at this point that we started to get more into fitness. Over the next 4 months I lost another 25lbs by combining exercise and nutrition. I fell in love with fitness and decided then to become a Personal Trainer to help others achieve the same success.

If you had asked me a year before if I could see myself being a trainer, I would have laughed in your face! It's amazing where life can take us when we decide to set a higher standard for ourselves! When we decide that enough is enough and commit to changing!

I would love to do the same for you! If you are ready commit, I can help you get there!

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