Sunday, April 3, 2011

13 Honest truths about losing weight

Here are the 13 honest truths about losing weight that I have learned over the years.

1) No matter what "they" tell you, you can't "eat whatever  you want and lose weight"... unless what you really want to eat is chicken breast and veggies.

2) You will have to say "no" a lot. To your favorite foods, to friends, to family. Get used to it.

3) You will feel deprived sometimes. Get over it.

4) Sugar is not a necessity. You CAN live without it.

5) You do not need to eat food to celebrate anything in your life. There is always going to be something to distract you from your goals... don't let it happen. There will be other birthdays, bar mitzvahs, Easters, Christmases, weddings, promotions, grads, Fridays... you name it. Do not reward yourself with food either... it's not really a reward when you're only going to suffer disappointment later when you realize that you're sabotaging yourself.

6) Alcohol is not your friend in weight loss.

7) People will try to sabotage you. Some people won't want you to be successful. Why? I don't know... that's their problem, not yours. Might be time to re-evaluate these relationships. Find new friends... gym friends.

8) Food is fuel and that's all it is. It's not your friend, it's not there to comfort you and it won't make you feel better. Your body needs carbs, protein and fats and it wants it in the best form possible. Just like your car, you too will run better on higher quality fuel.

9) There is no magic pill for weight loss. Get over it and stop looking for one. If it really existed, then celebrities would not hire personal trainers and cooks. Think about it... if there was a magic pill, the celebrities would have it no matter how much it cost.

10) the people on the commercials selling the weight loss and fitness gadgets are getting paid a lot of money to sell that product. I doubt they use it and I can pretty much guarantee they didn't get in shape by using it. Invest that money in a gym membership or some training sessions instead, I guarantee you'll get more out of it.

11) Stop making excuses. Time, money... whatever your excuse is, there is a way around it and you'll find that way if you really want to lose the weight. Recognize that you're making excuses and move on.

12) Vegetables are not an option! I don't care if you don't like them eat them anyway. I bet if someone on TV said "eat this pile of dirt and lose weight instantly!" you'd eat it. Well guess what? Eat your veggies and they'll help you lose weight.

13) Everything you do in life is because you made a decision at some point to do it. You decide what you eat, you decide if you workout or not, you decide if you're successful or not. Stop blaming you circumstances or other people. Take responsibility for your health and take action.

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